• 34 well appointed guest rooms
  • Deluxe Double bed rooms 18
  • Deluxe Triple bed rooms 13
  • Regular Six bed rooms 3


  • Cottage five bed room 2


  • Kutir ten bed room 6

We have two special independent cottage with self catering facilities located at the southern side of the island next to “Cheradeep” You can enjoy both sun rise and sunset at the sea from these cottages. Location is idle to enjoy nature at peace away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. There are lagoons on both side and narrow strip of sand stretching miles. In distance, on both side of narrow sand strip waves breaking at the coral barrier. This heavenly experience will take your breath away and will fill your heart. You can do activities like fishing and scuba diving in the corals.


Room Type Bed Total Number BDT/Room USD/Room
Super Deluxe Room Double Bed 6 3500 44
Deluxe Room Triple Bed 13 2500 32
Deluxe Room Double Bed 12 3000 38
Standard Six Bed 3 3000 38
Cottage Five Bed 2 3000 38
Kutir Ten Bed 6 3500 44