Blue Marine

St. Martins Island-Bangladesh,
A Pictureous pearl island in the Middle of blue marine Bay of Bengal. This heavenly and peaceful marine island and the only coral island of Bangladesh. Its sandy beach and blue water along with coral reef barrier surrounding, makes it one of the undiscovered hidden dream holiday location in the world.

This island has only 14 sq. km land mass. Its maximum length is 6.5 km and maximum width is 2.5 km. Island population consists of small fishing village community of 7500.

Coral Island of Saint Martins is located at the mouth of river Naf in Bay of Bengal. It is the most southern point in Bangladesh, located at the end of world´s longest unbroken 200 km long sandy beach.


Though St. Martins Island was formed through million years of coral formation during mayasin period, but it´s human history is not very old. Though nobody surely can say as there is no record, but it is known that the first Arab sailor´s use to call it Gingir meaning Resting Place´s on their long journey to and from Chittagong port.

Around 1890 only 13 fishermans family of Bengali and Burmeese origin started to settle in the island. They started to call the island Gingira in their local dialect. Later as island was planted with so many green coconut trees, fisher-man started to call it Narikel Gingira meaning Coconut Gingira. Early 1900 when British land surveyer went to survey the island as a part of the british empire. He named it saint Martin Island´ in his survey. Since then it is known as Saint Martin Island.

Hotel Blue Marine

Enjoying a prime location near the jetty bay, Overlooking the Bay of Bengal (5yards from the Bay water) and sitting in the laps of green coconut trees, Blue Marine Resort offers deluxe accommodation in 34 well furnished guest rooms and suites with individual balcony and 2 cottages.

The panoramic view of the blue Ocean, fishing boats at the harbor, in distance far after the ocean water, ranges of majestic mountain of Myanmar looking like a cloud and behind natural beauty of the green rows of coconut trees lies˜ Blue marine Resort˜ at the heart of St. Martin Island. This largest and most deluxe accommodation of the island brings most modern furnished and comfortable rooms at one of the most remotes place on earth. Hotel has restaurant facility. You will find mouth watering fresh sea fish, lobster and other delicacies at the restaurant. Islands only Bazar (Market) is a stone throw distance of a stone throw away from the hotel.